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Realistic Simulation
SIMULIA provides solutions for realistic simulation, which is applied in almost all industries. With the scalable solutions for finite element analysis, SIMULIA has the objective of providing solutions as realistic as possible in a multiphysical environment. 

Being an official value added reseller (VAR) of Dassault Systèmes, Transcat is authorized to distribute this PLM solution.

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  • CATIA Analysis

    The calculation tools integrated in CATIA will enable construction designers to examine variants in the early development phase as well as to identify tensions and deformations. They allow for linear analysis over frequency examinations to nonlinear and thermal simulations in CATIA. Use standardized models, which you develop in cooperation with us and with your specialist.

  • Abaqus

    With SIMULIA Abaqus, you can provide scalable high-grade, realistic simulation solutions to a wide range of applications. Abaqus simulates the actual physical behavior of products and materials for the purpose of increasing the efficiency, reliability and safety and also of reducing the development time and the costs.

  • SLM

    SLM – Simulation Lifecycle Management combines the simulation data management, the control of simulation processes and their results. In combination with the ENOVIA technology, the SIMULIA SLM product suite provides open, flexible configuration based on the requirements of the simulation data management processes of your company.

  • Isight

    SIMULIA Isight allows for the full automation of software processes. Isight combines a full range of different applications and transfers the pertaining product information into the process chain. Parameter-controlled optimization processes allow for the purposeful examination and evaluation of geometry variants.

    Learn more about SIMULIA Isight.

  • Tosca

    Tosca Structure is the market-leading technology for the fast and reliable development of light, rigid and durable parts and assemblies. By using the topology optimization, you will get optimum design proposals already during the design concept. Specific detail improvements through the optimization of shapes and crimps will provide drafts appropriate for direct integration into the construction design.

  • fe-safe

    fe-safe offers its users the technology required for the precise fatigue analysis of your parts on the basis of FE models. fe-safe will help you to make better forecasts about the lifecycle of real industrial application.

  • Simpoe

    With Simpoe you can simulate the complete injection modeling process in 3D. Starting from the simple filling of parts to the detection of air inclusions and joint lines, a further step allows for the examination of the dwell pressure and then the mold shrinkage as well as the distortion of plastic parts. Simpoe also enables the extremely easy layout of the mold temperature control.

    • Your Benefits

      SIMULIA Partner on the Transcat PLM website
      • Scalable simulation solutions for designers, engineers and specialists
      • Fast, effective and design-integrated simulation
      • Abaqus is a product with leading technology and innovation
      • Automation of simulation processes and design optimization
      • An environment for the organization and management of simulation


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