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Special add-on products of the company’s own development department complement the portfolio of Dassault Systèmes. We distribute these products and provide care for them all over the world. Meanwhile, more than 2.000 customers from all parts of the world use Transcat PLM products for their product data quality or for the compliance with legal requirements in automotive design.

Management System for Product Data Quality (PDQ)

Q-Checker verifies geometric quality, standards and methodology of CAD models. Thereby process compatible models are generated which can be reused in new projects or in downstream processes.

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Q-Checker JT Connector validates if the JT files comply with the development standards of customers by checking the geometry, the methodology and standards in order to meet the requirements for the downstream process. Based on the Q-Checker architecture, format independent criteria as well as specific JT criteria can be verified.

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Handel Model Modifications

xCompare compares CATIA V5, SMG and JT data to find differences in two revisions of products, parts and drawings or to verify the conversion process.

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Bidirectional VDAFS interface for CATIA

The VDA surface interface (VDAFS) is a neutral CAD interface which permits the interchange of 3-D geometries between different CAD systems. By using Transcat VDAFS Processor, points, curves and surface bases elements as well as solids will be transfered via the VDAFS TOP element.

Here you will find more information about more VDAFS.

PDQ as an automated part of the PLM process

Q-PLM integrates Q-Checker in PDM and data exchange systems in order to verify the product data quality at essential process points. Besides standard integrations in ENOVIA V6 and SMARTEAM, Q-PLM PDM supports the integration in CimDatabase, SAP, Teamcenter, ect.

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Logo LiteBox3D Transcat PLM

LiteBox3D is an easy and free to use JT viewer, based on the specification of the JT ISO standard. Moreover, PLMXML, STEP AP242 XML and TIFF files can be opened. Besides viewing and tools for measuring or clipping, LiteBox3D supports the “layer filter methodology”. This enables LiteBox3D to generate several pre adjusted views.

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Solutions for car design and legal compliance

CAVA ensures legal compliance of the vehicle architecture during the entire design process. CAVA is a joint project by Transcat PLM and Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen.

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Exchange of consistent CATIA V5 data

XFileV5 guides the file based data exchange between different design and data management environments. While sending data it ensures that the container is complete and while receiving data it lists embedded and missing data.

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Establishment of a continuous improvment process

Q-Monitor makes Product Data Quality (PDQ) visible throughout the entire process chain. Providing statistics about most frequent errors and allowing to implement a continuous improvement process, helps to gurantee Product Data Quality.

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Manage JT File Content

LiteDrop is an Add-On to the JT viewer LiteBox3D. LiteDrop is able to delete B-Rep and LOD elements, parts, sub-assemblies, PMIs (tolerances) and properties. JT files can be reduced interactively right in LiteBox3D.

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Administration and User Managegment of CAx Environments

myPLM accelerates the usage of complex CAx environments such as CATIA V5, CATIA V6, NX, Creo etc. and helps to manage various releases, license configurations and add-on tools.

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Transcat PLM LiteComply Logo

Data Quality for JT and TIFF

With LiteComply it is very easy for companies to comply with design guidelines and quality requirements. Using LiteComply adherence to standards and quality rules is an automated part of the process.

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